Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tickle Punishment Interrogation (2011) bdsm schiave

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Starring: Nathalie, Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon
Director: Irene Boss
Studio: MIB Productions

Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon and meek Nathalie. Description: Scene 1: East German Army officer Irene Boss finds revealed that sub slut soldier Nathalie is not wearing her army edition regulation underwear. She has opted for black lacy frillies from Victoria Secret instead! She is placed in strict bondage and tickle punished to be proof of on the Compounds new OBGYN table in the Gothic Dungeon. She as the final move extracts that Nathalie has been performing sexual favors for other woman (for money) in order to afford the expensive luxurious underwear. Irene lets her accept bdsm thumbs galerie it with unrelenting teasing and denial. She is brought close to orgasm crowd times, but not allowed to go over the edge. This becomes real punishment for her. She is tied in many bondage positions bdsm tgp, reproduction her helpless bdsm slave anatomy strategically positioned for the Ladies extreme tickle punished! Hogties, gags, thigh bdsm livecams to wrist restraints, breath play and orgasm control are some of the D/s treats that wait for you in this fun Girl/girl romp. Scene 2 takes location in the Compound's chapel with Nathalie retrained in the remain sling, and you get to feast your eyes on Ladies in sexy lingerie space of time Nathalie endures further assaults to her soles, underarms, tender sensitive sides, thighs and pussy. Irene's hands in acrylic French manicure. What a finical combination of sensations!
Format: wmv
Video: 640x480
Runtime: 0h. 36min.

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